Tree Removal Services in the Fall and Winter months?

Many do not realize that winter is a great time to remove or prune trees because trees are dormant, and many trees can be pruned anytime of the year.  In the cold months, homeowners usually do not think about their trees, mostly because their time spent outdoors is limited.  New Englanders tend to spend more time indoors during the cold months, and tree work slows.  In the tree service industry, the winter months are definitely a down time – take advantage of this by getting the pruning and removal services underway with no wait time.

There are three important factors of tree service that are the focus of this post.  The first is the focus on the seasonal transitional period for tree related incidents and how it is important to ensure proper tree safety procedures are zoomed in as top priority specifically during this time period.  The second is take the extra time – always take your time to ensure tree workers are working safely and efficiently.  The final point is for home owners and tree workers alike, is that the winter months are a great time to perform tree services!

Scott’s tree staff is less busy in the winter months, the tree men have a nice winter break from the seasonal hard work.  The transition from working 50-70 hour work weeks to 20-30 hours per week is common going into the winter.  Since our inception, our company and workers have gone through this transition.

When our tree workers are steady in their groove during the busy months, usually March through October, they have the routine down to a science and are less prone to injury as a result of getting back into the groove.  Safety is the priority always, therefore, it is imperative to continue on with best practice for safety during transitional weeks.

A strategy many tree service companies employ is to inform customers to wait until the winter months to perform the tree removal.  Some removals obviously have to be done right away, especially if they are a safety hazard, but many removals can wait.  It is truly a win-win situation for the home owner and our company; the customer receives more immediate appointment, and it provides more work for our staff in the winter.

Here are a few other good reasons to perform tree work in the winter:

  • There are not landscape companies or spring cleanup crews in the way
  • The ground is often frozen thus minimizing yard damage
  • The leaves are not on the trees thus making the workload lighter
  • Trees are dormant

While there is a need for greater safety precautions and preparation for tree work specifically in the transitional seasons.  Taking extra time during a job can make the difference in successfully getting a job done with no injury or damage in the outcome.  Most tree work involves quick decision making during the process of a job.  Taking an extra couple of minutes, in preparing before and during a job can be the difference between success and failure.  We have identified that getting into a safety conscious mindset, specifically into or out of a transitional season is absolutely necessary.   Preparedness and spending extra time can make all the difference in our dangerous line of work.

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