Mulch & Loam Delivery in Westford, MA by Scott's Tree & Landscape, inc

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Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc delivers loam, hemlock, pine, black mulch and wood chips. Free mulch delivery or pick up (minimum 3 cubic yard) at 8 Elliott Rd, Westford, MA 01886. Get your mulch from Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc and save! Call NOW for pricing and schedule your delivery! Applying mulch is one of the best ways to care for your garden.

Loam, Black Mulch, Hemlock, Pine Mulch, & Wood Chips

How Can I Controls Weeds In My Garden?

Mulch can limit the amount of weeds that pop up in your garden. Mulch provides a protective barrier around your plants and soil, limiting the amount of sunlight that can find its way to weeds.

How Can I Retains Moisture and Prevent Soil Erosion In My Garden?

Mulch covers the soil and limit evaporation. Retaining moisture, especially during hot and dry seasons can help your plants and trees stay fed. Mulching not only keeps existing water trapped in the soil, it also keeps rain water from washing away your soil. It does this by lessening the force when the water impacts the ground.

How Can I Maintains Soil Nutrients?

Not only does mulch keep soil nutrients from being washed away with the rain, but it also can release nutrients into the soil if you are using an organic material. This happens as the organic material slowly decomposes on top of the soil.

How Can I Control Pests In My Garden?

Using certain types of mulch, such as cedar bark, can deter certain pests. Cedar bark has natural oils that act as a natural insect repellant. Many times its the more fragrant the mulch, the greater affect on repelling insects. But be warned, some mulches can encourage insects to flock to your garden and sometimes your house, so be sure to research which type of mulch will best suit your needs.