• Affordable Tree Removal

    Contact Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. for affordable tree work. We now have a bucket truck with a 75ft reach, for big tree removal work. This limits the need for more expensive cranes.

    See examples of our work below.
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Chipping up oak tree removal in Westford, MA

Chipping up oak trees in Westford using dingo track machine to expedite the job of dragging brush

Oak Tree Removal in Westford, MA

Using 75 ft bucket truck to remove Oak Tree in backyard Westford Mass

Trees Pruning & Removal in Westford, MA

Multi tasking removals and pruning trees in Westford, MA.

Tree Climbing in Westford, MA

Climbing to remove an oak tree in Westford, MA that we could not access with bucket truck.

Pine Tree Removal in Westford, MA

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Pine Tree Removed

Removing large pine tree in Westford, MA to make space for a home addition.

Tree Removal Service in Westford, MA – Crane Tree Removal

Crane work tree removal in Westford, MA

New Patio Installation in Westford, MA

Patio Work at Westford, MA

New Lawn & Irrigation in Westford, MA

Installed a new lawn, irrigation, and mulch border in Westford, MA

Walkway & Step Construction in Westford, MA

Walkway with granite steps in westford, ma by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc

Landscaping & Walkway in Westford, MA

New walkway, steps,and plantings in westford

Crane Tree Removal in Westford, MA

Here are are photos of Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc tree removal with a crane in Westford, MA.

Over 40 trees removed in Westford, MA

Westford, MA

We removed over 40 trees from Old Lowell Road in Westford, MA. We used a tree climber, crane and a bucket truck. We do tree work in all kinds of weather!

Tree Removal Work on Carlisle Road in Westford

A perfectly healthy looking tree fell on the morning of June 5, 2014. It took down wires on Carlisle Road in Westford, MA. Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc cut up the trunk and removed the debris from the road. Don't let this happen to you. Call Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc to prevent this from happening to you. Despite the tree looking healthy, it was in fact hollowed out and bug eaten.

Landscape Design in Westford, MA

Landscape design work in Westford, MA. Including sod installation, tree planting, mulch, plants, fieldstone retaining wall and fire pit hardscape.

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Fire pit and Fieldstone wall construction by in Westford, MA

Fire pit and fieldstone wall construction by Carlisle Rd in Westford, MA by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. Hardscape was completed in the winter of 2012. (date: February 18, 2012)
Fieldstone retaining wall construction by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc.

Removing Hanging Branches in Westford November 17, 2011

Tree pruning and storm damage cleaning up the in Westford, MA. Hurricane Sandy hit in October, but left damage far into November. Here you see the bucket truck safely removing hanging branches.

October – Nor’easter – 2011

Nor'easter tree removal and storm damage clean-up in Westford, MA by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. We used a crane, bucket truck and wood chipper for nor'easter tree removal services.

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Fire Pit Construction & Brick Patio Paving in Westford, MA

New paver brick patio and fire pit built in Westford, MA on Rush Rd by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc on  June 22, 2011 ....

Oak Tree Removal in Westford, MA Yard

Clearing Oak trees from a yard in Westford, MA. More spring cleaning by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. Westford resident wanted these oak trees removed because they were too close to the power lines. April 14, 2011

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Pine Tree Removal & Clean Up Work in Westford, MA

Taking down large pine trees in Westford, MA. Using a crane and wood chipper to dispose of the trees. Here you see chain saws on the ground doing the clean up tree work.

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Tree Removal in Westford, MA | Pine Trees

Safely removing tall pines trees in Westford, with a crane. Stripping the trunks and driving the logs away.

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5 Tall Pine Trees Removed in Westford, MA

Tree removal in Westford, MA. 5 Big Pine Trees safely taken down by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. October 15, 2010

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Landscaping & Tree Planting – Landscape Design in Westford, MA

This is a landscape job in Westford, MA. Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc planted bushes, plants, small trees, laid mulch and a stone border.