• Affordable Tree Removal

    Contact Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. for affordable tree work. We now have a bucket truck with a 75ft reach, for big tree removal work. This limits the need for more expensive cranes.

    See examples of our work below.
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Tree Removal

Spruce Trees Removed in Littleton, MA

Removing two large spruce trees in front of house in Littleton, Massachusetts. We used a bucket truck and dingo.

Tree Removal with Bucket Trucks & Dingo- Littleton, MA

Removing large maple tree Littleton Mass using bucket truck and dingo

Removing an oak tree in Lowell, MA.

Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc removing an oak tree in Lowell, MA with a bucket truck.

Chipping up oak tree removal in Westford, MA

Chipping up oak trees in Westford using dingo track machine to expedite the job of dragging brush

Tree Removal by Using 75′ Elevator

Using 75' elevator lift to clear utilities for highway department

Oak Tree Removal in Westford, MA

Using 75 ft bucket truck to remove Oak Tree in backyard Westford Mass

Crane Tree Removal in Lexington, MA

Using 60 ton crane and 75 foot bucket truck to safely remove large Oak in rear of house Lexington Mass

Spruce Tree Removal in Pepperell, MA

Removing large Spruce Tree in Pepperell Massachusetts

Trees Pruning & Removal in Westford, MA

Multi tasking removals and pruning trees in Westford, MA.

Tree Climbing in Westford, MA

Climbing to remove an oak tree in Westford, MA that we could not access with bucket truck.

Tree Removal in Concord, MA

Removing spruce tree in Concord, MA.

Pine Tree Removal in Westford, MA

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Pine Tree Removed

Removing large pine tree in Westford, MA to make space for a home addition.

Tree/crane removal in Concord, MA

Removing large spruce and pine trees, prunning maples for home addition project.  Using 60 ton crane

Crane Tree Removal Project in Tyngsboro, MA

Crane removal Tyngsboro, MA

Professional Tree Removal – Crane Removal in Tyngsboro, MA

Crane removal in Tyngsboro, MA

Crane Tree Work in Chelmsford, MA

Crane work tree removal in Chelmsford, MA

Tree Removal Service in Westford, MA – Crane Tree Removal

Crane work tree removal in Westford, MA

Pine Trees Removal in Acton, MA

Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc removing pine trees in Acton, MA.

Crane Tree Removal in Westford, MA

Here are are photos of Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc tree removal with a crane in Westford, MA.

Over 40 trees removed in Westford, MA

Westford, MA

We removed over 40 trees from Old Lowell Road in Westford, MA. We used a tree climber, crane and a bucket truck. We do tree work in all kinds of weather!