Scott’s Tree & Landscape, Inc

Landscape Design

New Patio Installation in Westford, MA

Patio Work at Westford, MA

New Lawn & Irrigation in Westford, MA

Installed a new lawn, irrigation, and mulch border in Westford, MA

Hydroseeding in Chelmsford, MA

New lawn and irrigation in chelmsford, ma

Landscape Design in Lexington, MA

Landscape renovation project in Lexington, MA. Here Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc tore our an old tennis court and replaced it with a beautiful landscape. The landscape design's implementation included planting trees, plants, bushes, grading soil, laying sod and mulch.

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Landscape Design in Westford, MA

Landscape design work in Westford, MA. Including sod installation, tree planting, mulch, plants, fieldstone retaining wall and fire pit hardscape.

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Commercial Landscape Design in Acton, MA

Commercial landscape design and implementation for condominium landscape in Acton, MA. Built outdoor stairs, rails, brick walkway, and retaining walls. Also did lawn maintenance and planting.

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Fire pit and Fieldstone wall construction by in Westford, MA

Fire pit and fieldstone wall construction by Carlisle Rd in Westford, MA by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. Hardscape was completed in the winter of 2012. (date: February 18, 2012)
Fieldstone retaining wall construction by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc.

Landscape Design & Wall Construction in Bedford, MA

New slab walkway, fieldstone retaining wall, patio installed at Gould Rd in Bedford, MA by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc. on June 22, 2011

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Fire Pit Construction & Brick Patio Paving in Westford, MA

New paver brick patio and fire pit built in Westford, MA on Rush Rd by Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc on  June 22, 2011 ....

Paver Driveway & New plantings in Lexington, MA

Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc built a new paver driveway and added new plantings in Lexington, MA. Here you see photos of the finished hardscape work.

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Landscaping & Tree Planting – Landscape Design in Westford, MA

This is a landscape job in Westford, MA. Scott's Tree & Landscape, Inc planted bushes, plants, small trees, laid mulch and a stone border.